Smart Cloud Purchaser

Cloud computing offers a realization of SOA in which IT resources can be provisioned to consumers using different provisioning and pricing models. The Smart CloudPurchaser enables the automated selection of the purchasing model and subsequent procurement and consumption of the IaaS offerings according to the business rules of the cloud user.

Multiple Purchasing Models

One of the key features of cloud computing is the flexibility it offers customers. Customers have the choice of multiple instance types, operating systems, software packages and geographical locations. In addition to this, they also have flexibility in optimising running costs through three different purchasing models.

Multiple Purchasing Preferences

Different cloud consumers can have different requirements, preferences, constraints and preferences over the use of computing resources. Some examples include obtaining immediate access to resources, cost minimization and optimization of both cost and access time.

Context-based Purchasing Decisions

Based on the context, different purchasing decisions can be made such as:

  • If immediate access is required - use 'on-demand' purchasing model
  • If the objective is to minimize cost - use 'spot-instance' purchasing model with 'low spot price'
  • If the objective is to minimize cost and task completion time, use 'spot-instance' purchasing model with 'price momentum' strategy