Smart Cloud Profiler

Cloud migration allows organizations to benefit from reduced operational costs, improved flexibility, and greater scalability, and enables them to focus on core business goals. However, it also has the flip side of reduced visibility. Enterprises considering migration of their IT systems to the cloud only have a black box view of the offered infrastructure. While information about server pricing and specification is publicly available, there is limited information about cloud infrastructure performance. The Smart Cloud Profiler works in conjunction with the Smart Cloud Bench to build and update performance profiles of cloud providers over time.

Performance Stability

The performance of a provisioned cloud server should not be affected by the activity of other virtual machines on the same hardware and should remain constant over time. Smart Cloud Bench can benchmark the performance of a single cloud server instance at regular intervals over a longer duration. Smart Cloud Profiler can then generate the performance profiles for the benchmarked server over time. The generated profile gives an indication of thet performance stability of the benchmarked server and provider.

Performance Homogeneity

The performance behaviour of cloud servers should be homogeneous. What this means is that the performance of multiple virtual machines of the same type should be similar. Smart Cloud Bench can be used to run benchmark tests on multiple instances of the same cloud server type to measure the performance heterogeneity of the benchmarked provider.