Smart Cloud Monitor

Smart CloudMonitor is a tool that provides multilayer monitoring capability to Smart CloudBench. It is a lightweight, distributed monitoring solution which employs two agents to monitor cloud performance - the Resource Monitor (RM) which monitors the resource consumption, and the Application Monitor (AM) which monitors the application performance. It is a provider agnostic software only solution which can be easily deployed on both public and private cloud infrastructure. The key benefits of the Smart CloudMonitor are:

  • It can help idenfity over-provisioned and under-performing resources
  • It can help identify if resource issues are affecting application performance
  • It can help establish resource consumption patterns under different workloads
  • It can help determine cloud infrastructure reliability

Resource Consumption Monitor

The Resource Consumption Monitor monitors resource consumption on the System Under Test. It can be used to monitor the virtual cloud server in the idle state and in the active state. By monitoring the SUT in the different states and in different stages of the benchmarking process, we can accurately estimate the resource consumption by the benchmark application when subjected to different workloads.

Application Monitor

The Application Monitor measures the benchmark application performance and therefore will be different for different benchmark applications. If the benchmark application is a typical enterprise application, then the application monitor measures the application performance by monitoring the submitted requests and the corresponding responses received from the benchmark application. The Application Monitor is deployed on the Test Agent.