Cloud Benchmarking

A key benefit of cloud computing is that it allows organizations to focus on their core competencies and not worry about managing their IT infrastructure. However, one of the key challenges of cloud migration is cloud selection and quality assurance.

Cloud vendors tend to use heterogeneous hardware resources, offer different server configurations, apply different pricing models and use different virtualization techniques to provision them. As the cloud consumer, you only have a black-box view of virtual cloud servers and have little or no information on cloud performance. The only way to objectively compare the performance of different types of cloud servers is by benchmarking the performance of software systems running on them.

Smart Cloud Broker automates the process of cloud performance benchmarking, making the task of benchmarking and comparing cloud providers easy and . We have integrated, and continue to add a number of application benchmarks so that prospective cloud consumers can compare and evaluate the offerings from different cloud providers.


We can help you understand cloud performance and pricing, and make migration decisions based on price, specification and performance. This can be in the form of performance benchmarking and reporting on private and public cloud infrastructure as well as general reporting on cloud performance. Listed below are some of the typical use-case scenarios where we can help your organization:

Typical Use Cases for Smart CloudBench
Use CaseDescriptionValue
Cloud Sourcing We can help you during a sourcing event to evaluate different cloud offerings. We can benchmark the cloud infrastructure of short listed providers to determine whether appropriate performance levels can be achieved and maintained on them Evaluation Confidence
Cloud Transformation We can help you with cloud-transformation related activities to ensure cloud suitability for individual applications that you wish to migrate to the cloud Migration Assistance
Cloud Suitability We can help you during an application sourcing or re-platforming event to prove that a cloud solution could satisfactorily service the application that you seek
to migrate
Cost Avoidance
Cloud Monitoring We can carry out ongoing monitoring of cloud performance against agreed SLA’s or simply to defend application claims of slow performance against the cloud solution SLA Enforcement
Cloud Rightsizing We can help you identify over-provisioned and under-performing services resulting in minimization of cloud costs. Cost Minimization