Research & Development

The Smart Cloud Broker is a suite of software tools that allows cloud infrastructure consumers to compare the different Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) offerings from various cloud service providers, and purchase the cloud configuration from the most competitive provider with the most appropriate specification that best meets the user’s technical and business requirements.

The key components of the Smart Cloud Broker include Smart Cloud Bench Profiler, Smart Cloud Purchaser, Smart Cloud Manager and Smart Cloud Marketplace that provide add-value intermediary between the cloud consumers and the cloud providers as depicted in the diagram below.

Research Overview

Each component of the Smart Cloud Broker provides a unique functionality that can be used individually or in combination with other components as follows:

Smart Cloud Profiler

Smart Cloud Bench Profiler provides an automated performance benchmarking of cloud IaaS using representative applications from a suite of benchmark applications. It creates performance profiles and enables comparison of different cloud service offerings based on user requirements in terms of infrastructure requirements, application performance, costs, geographic location, and other requisite criteria. In addition it provides the cost of running the benchmark, the spin-up and ramp-down time for the cloud servers for each test, an average of the these figures based on the results of previous tests, and the average CPU utilisation for each test. The comparative performance information is also useful for other modules of Smart Cloud Broker that consider different IaaS offerings from various cloud providers in automated purchasing, quality-assurance and trading. Read more...

Smart Cloud Purchaser

Smart Cloud Purchaser enables an automated procurement and consumption of most appropriate IaaS offerings according to the business rules of the cloud user. It also allows for business-rules driven control and scheduling of benchmarking performed by Smart Cloud Bench Profiler, as well as automated quality-assured provision with Smart Cloud Manager and trading IaaS in Smart Cloud Marketplace. Read more...

Smart Cloud Manager

Smart Cloud Manager provides automated consumer-centric management of IaaS provision with quality assurance by adapting to the changing conditions and service providers in the cloud. It allows for proactive identification, prevention and mediation of IaaSLA violation in the best interest of the cloud users. It ensures the consumers can receive cloud services that best satisfy their quality requirements in the most cost effective manner in the presence of constant changes in performance and cost of IaaS available from different cloud providers.

Smart Cloud Marketplace

Smart Cloud Marketplace offers an open electronic market where multiple cloud consumers and multiple cloud providers can efficiently trade IaaS based on the supply and demand mechanisms. By balancing supply and demand it improves the utilisation of cloud resources and revenue for the cloud providers, as well as more efficient procurement of IaaS for the cloud consumer accessing the large number of competing cloud providers. Both the IaaS futures and spot trading can be automated in the Smart Cloud Marketplace with the efficient computational market algorithms. It can also support market-based IaaS exchanges across the federated clouds. Read More...