Smart Cloud Bench

Automated, on-demand, real-time and customized benchmarking. Configure and run benchmark tests in minutes. Conduct a number of different benchmark tests. Customize and visualize results. Analyse cost vs. performance of public clouds.

Smart Cloud Monitor

Monitor resource consumption during benchmarking. Get greater visibility into resource consumption. Get insight on impact of resource consumption on application performance. Identify over-provisioned/under-performing servers.

Smart Cloud Profiler

Automated profiling of Cloud Servers and Providers. Build and update performance profiles of public cloud providers. Gain visibility into performance stability & performance homogeneity of cloud providers

Smart Cloud Purchaser

Automated procurement of cloud resources. Shortlist providers based on price, specification & performance. Select appropriate purchasing models. Procure computing resources based on business rules.

Benchmark Monitor Profile Purchase public and private cloud infrastructure

Smart Cloud Broker is a suite of software tools that allows cloud infrastructure consumers to compare the different Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) offerings from various cloud service providers, and purchase the cloud configuration from the most competitive provider with the most appropriate specification that best meets the user's technical and business requirements. Each component of Smart Cloud Broker provides a unique functionality that can be used individually or in combination with other components.

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